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Fun Aviation Facts for Highlands Ranch, CO

Helicopter pilots must be skilled not only in flying but must be spontaneous in making decisions related to changes in the weather, and other emergency processes related to the chopper. Being a helicopter pilot is not easy, you have to carefully plan the process of getting enrolled in a top helicopter pilot training school for getting a valid pilot license.

The first reference to a rotor system or helicopter flight is credited to inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who designed an ‘aerial screw’ in 1480. No full-scale variant was constructed during his lifetime. But is assumed to have been derived from the flight of a maple tree fruit as it floats to the ground.

Helicopter Spotlight for Highlands Ranch, CO

The TAI/AgustaWestland T129 is an attack helicopter based on the Agusta A129 Mangusta. The T129 was developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) with AgustaWestland as the primary partner. The helicopter is designed for hot and high environments.

The ATAK programme was begun to meet the Turkish Armed Forces' requirements for an attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter. The T129 is the result of the integration of Turkish developed high-tech avionics and weapon systems onto the combat proven AgustaWestland A129 airframe with upgraded engines transmission and rotor blades. It is in use by the Turkish Army and is being offered to other air forces.