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US Army Helicopter Pilot Criteria

You must be a citizen of US. If a candidate is not a US citizen, he must apply for the same, at the earlieSt Remember, however, five years of minimum residential stay in the country is important for a citizenship.

US Army Helicopter Pilots: Being an army helicopter pilot is an exciting and equally challenging job. Making a career in this field requires planning and tremendous efforts.

US Army Helicopter Pilots: Even the thought of being a helicopter pilot for the army sets my imagination reeling and it is reminiscent of my childhood days when watching helicopters and airplanes kissing the sky was filled with intense curiosity and wonder.

Helicopter Spotlight for Hollywood, FL

The Lockheed Martin VH-71 Kestrel is a variant of the AgustaWestland AW101 (formerly Eh401) built to replace the United States Marine Corps' Marine One U.S. Presidential transport fleet. It was developed and built by the Lockheed Martin–led \US101 Team of Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego (LMSI)