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Helicopter Training Facts for Lewisville, TX:

Helicopter pilot training is one of the most intense training programs available, requiring a combination of skill, fast thinking, and steady nerves. A helicopter pilot is responsible for the safe operation of the helicopter in a wide range of circumstances. Unlike all other training disciplines, flight training is fun and students never complain about learning to fly.

Aviation Factoids and Figures and Fun for Lewisville, TX

How to Select a Helicopter Instructor for Lewisville, TX: Spend a half hour to an hour talking with the instructor. Make sure that the two of you can get along! See how knowledgable the instructor seems to be. If the instructor spends a lot of time trying to convince you to go fly rather than talk, you may have found a guy who isn't going to want to spend the time with you on the ground preparing for a lesson that he should.