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Aviation History for Minneola, FL and Fun Facts for Minneola, FL

Eurocopter EC135: Get more out of your helicopter with just two little letters : i and e.The EC135 i-Pac Retrofit and the new e Upgrade are available to enhance your EC135.With this new improvement package you will benefit from: More Payload Increased Take off Power Improved Hot and High Performances.

Helicopter Spotlight for Minneola, FL

Aerokopter AK1-3- This is a Ukrainian helicopter, designed and produced by Aerokopter of Kharkiv. The aircraft is supplied as complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. Some sources refer to the AK1-3 as the Sanka or San'ka while others do not. The AK1-3 was designed to comply with the Ukrainian AP-27 rules, which are similar to the European Aviation Safety Agency CS-27 standard. The aircraft features a single main rotor with a tail rotor, a two-seats-in side-by-side configuration enclosed cockpit, skid-type landing gear and a four cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, 156 hp (116 kW) Subaru EJ25 automotive engine.