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Interesting Helicopter and Fixed-wing Facts for Morgantown, WV

Igor Sikorsky built the first four-engine plane in 1913 and, after decades of development, he crafted the first working helicopter, with its first test flight in 1939. He designed and built the first military helicopter named XR-4. He delivered it to Colonel Franklin Gregory of the U.S. Army in 1940. In 1958, Igor Sikorsky's rotorcraft company made the world's first helicopter that had a boat hull and could land and takeoff from water. It could also float on the water.

Helicopter Facts for Morgantown, WV

Helicopter Training Facts for Morgantown, WV: Before you commit to a full program of lessons, it can be a good idea to take a test lesson in a helicopter to make sure that you like flying in the rotor-powered vehicles.

Helicopter Pilot Jobs for Morgantown, WV A relatively common helicopter pilot job is working for emergency medical services. This typically involves flying solo and in weather conditions and over terrain that is challenging.