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Aviation Facts and Figures for Mount Prospect, IL

Post World War II: The size of the program increased during 1945 to approximately three times what it was in 1944. With the end of the war in Europe, the War Department closed hundreds of bases. To align Chanute Field to a purely technical training mission, all helicopter pilot training moved to Sheppard Field, a Flying Training Command base near Wichita Falls, Texas in June 1945. Eighteen helicopters were transferred.

Aviation Training Facts for Mount Prospect, IL

The FAA Rotorcraft Flying Handbook suggests a \normal hovering altitude of 2-5 feet. Any certified helicopter should have enough rotor inertia to permit a smooth landing after an engine failure from this altitude. Even if a pilot does nothing common sense suggests that it is safer to fall off a 2'-high curb than off a 20'-high roof.