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Aviation Facts and Figures for Naperville, IL

Post World War Pilot Training: At Randolph the course was divided into three stages: H-13, H-19 and H-21 with 30 hours in each aircraft. In January 1958 ATC added a fourth phase, an operational or combat crew-training phase which was conducted at Stead AFB, Reno, Nevada. Stead would allow realistic desert, water, snow, mountainous, and high altitude training as well as collateral training with Air Training Command's survival school.

Aviation Training Facts for Naperville, IL

The low airspeed during a hover makes it problematic to land the helicopter without damage or injury in the event of a power failure. A standard autorotation takes advantage of kinetic energy stored in forward airspeed for a \flare just before landing. With no airspeed (i.e. a hover) there is no kinetic energy for the pilot to use.