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Post World War Pilot Training: In mid 1950, 10 hours of instrument training was added to the course. Army helicopter training was conducted in the H-13. In March 1951, ATC transferred the helicopter pilot training program back to San Marcos AFB so James Connally AFB could expand its basic pilot training program to support the Air Force effort in Korea. Air Force pilots trained in the H-5 and H-23 helicopters.

Aviation Training Facts for Palatine, IL

It is possible for the front edge of the right aileron to get jammed against the wing of a Cirrus SR20 prototype when the wing and the aileron are deflected down toward the aircraft wing and it is flexed upward to its maximum length. The tolerance cavity between the wing and the aileron are critical factors relative to the potential for jamming.

So keep the aircraft power up and push down on the yoke with all of your weight and you should be able to maintain relative control of the aircraft.