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Helicopter Factoid for Pinecrest, FLs for Pinecrest, FL

Helicopter Facts for Pinecrest, FL The main task of a commercial helicopter pilot is to fly the helicopter, abiding with the safety rules and regulations of flying. In the pilot job description, there are many other tasks that a pilot needs to carry out. Presently, the median per annum salary of these pilots is believed to be around $85,000.

Helicopter Spotlight for Pinecrest, FL

Unusual But Interesting Helicopter Facts in Pinecrest, FL The new S-434 helicopter builds on the best qualities of the 333 model, including a well laid out cockpit, outstanding flight properties and low cost of ownership. To this, we have added a four-bladed rotor system, upgraded transmission and increased fuel capacity. The result of these improvements are increased useful load, hover performance, cruise speed and lower vibration.