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Interesting Aviation Facts for Radcliff, KY for Radcliff, KY

Over 3 million lives have been saved by helicopters in both peacetime and wartime operations since the first person was rescued from the sea in 1944.

Aviation History for Radcliff, KY and Fun Facts for Radcliff, KY

Like all civil aircraft in the U.S., the helicopter must have had a annual inspection within the preceding 12 months, signed off by an FAA-certificated mechanic with Inspection Authorization (IA) or by an FAA-approved Repair Station. If the most recent \annual was signed off January 12 2011 for example the machine is legal to fly through January 31 2012. Similarly the helicopter's transponder must have been tested in accordance with the FARs (e.g. 91.413) within the preceding 24 months.