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Interesting Facts About Airline Profitability for San Francisco, CA

The airline industry has currently made a net loss of $31 billion dollars since 1940. The average profit per seat on a 1 hour flight is $2.20. In 1940 to fly London – New York it cost 1 years wages. Today it costs the wage of working only Monday & Tuesday.

Fun Helicopter and Airplane Facts for San Francisco, CA

Due to the financial crisis of 2008-09 most airlines slashed their flying capacities drastically in response to the sudden decline in demand for air travel. This capacity discipline enabled the dramatic turnaround in profitability of many airlines.

Robinson and the Raven Helicopter

In January 2000 Robinson introduced the Raven with hydraulically-assisted controls and adjustable pedals. In July 2002 Robinson introduced the Raven II featuring a more powerful fuel-injected engine and wider blades allowing a higher gross weight and improved altitude performance.