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Aviation Training Facts for Sarasota, FL

Annual Salary as per Helicopter Industry - Military or Armed Forces: $57,000 - $92,500, Transportation: $52,000 - $72,000, Commercial Aviation: $53,000 - $87,000, Government Agencies: $58,000 - $94,500

Helicopter Spotlight for Sarasota, FL

The RotorWay Exec is a family of American two-bladed, skid-equipped, two-seat kit helicopters, manufactured by RotorWay International of Chandler, Arizona and supplied in kit form for amateur-construction. The Exec 162F is the latest in the Exec series of helicopters manufactured by RotorWay International. The RotorWay Scorpion design was updated with an aluminum tail and full fiberglass cockpit enclosure to become the Exec.