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Aviation Facts and Figures for Satellite Beach, FL

Annual Salary for Helicopter Pilots as per State: Florida: $55,887 - $96,534, California: $61,042 - $93,506, Texas: $55,462 - $85,762, Louisiana: $53,805 - $85,000

Helicopter Spotlight for Satellite Beach, FL

The American Helicopter XH-26 Jet Jeep (known as the XA-8 by its manufacturer) was an experimental tip jet helicopter developed in 1951 by the American Helicopter Company to meet a United States Army and Air Force (USAF) request for a collapsible and air-droppable observation helicopter. The design of the original Model XA-8 single-seat lightweight helicopter began in 1951 under the sponsorship of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps and the USAF.