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Helicopter Facts for St Petersburg, FL

It was in the early 1480s, when Leonardo da Vinci created a design for a machine that might be described as an aerial screw, that any recorded evolution was made towards vertical flight, and helicopter flight.

Over 3 million people have been saved by helicopters in both peacetime and wartime operations since the first person was rescued in 1944.

Helicopters won’t just drop like a rock if the engine dies. They are actually designed to be able to land safely without the engine. The rotors will propel the machine and the passengers safely to the ground.

Aviation Facts and Figures for St Petersburg, FL

Aviation Facts and Figures for St Petersburg, FL is one of the few military facilities operated by the United States Coast Guard in the United States. It is the only facility of its kind in all the armed force. It is responsible for all the research studies, evaluation, testing and development of various systems and equipment to be implemented and adopted by the US Coast Guard and the other military branches.

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