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Aviation Career After the Military

There are many interesting jobs out there in the industry, out of which most are mainly related to the hobby of the professional. One such career is that of a helicopter pilot. If you love flying and are interested in aeronautics, you should consider a career as a helicopter pilot.

There are many flight schools around the United States which will aid in the licensing process, but choosing one with a four year college degree is your best option. Using the GI Bill benefits are the ideal way to manage and receive licensing and a college degree.

Helicopter Spotlight for Wheat Ridge, CO

The Agusta A129 Mangusta (English: Mongoose) is an attack helicopter originally designed and produced by Agusta. It has the distinction of being the first attack helicopter to be designed and produced wholly in Europe. It has continued to be developed by AgustaWestland, the successor company to Agusta. The A129 has undergone several combat deployments since entering service with the Italian Army in the 1990s.