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AeroGuard Flight Training Center

"Setting a Higher Standard"

Located at:
530 W Deer Valley Dr,
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

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Become Elite with AEROGUARD

The AeroGuard Elite Program combines the safest aircraft, high-quality instructors, an optimized curriculum, and an ideal location. It's a fully integrated training model and your best possible learning experience.

Certified under both FAA Part 141 and Part 61, AeroGuard is recognized as one of the premier flight schools across the globe as it offers comprehensive training programs for both national and international airlines. With an established brand and superior training programs, AeroGuard is the flight school of choice for many international airlines and cadets.

Location Specialties/Categories

Certified Flight Instructor Training

Certified Flight Instructor Training

Find Certified Flight Instructor Training near you. Take your helicopter or fixed-wing commercial pilot career to the next level by becoming a certified flight instructor. Let us help you find accelerated and/or affordable CFI training near you.

Fixed Wing Flight Schools

Fixed Wing Flight Schools

You've made the decision to attend a Fixed Wing Flight School because you want to become a private or commercial pilot. You know flying is in your future, but now what? How do you get started? What's the next step? Call us and become a commercial pilot!

Fixed Wing Pilot License

Fixed Wing Pilot License

Want to learn to fly or launching a pilot career? Learning to fly fixed-wing aircraft is challenging and costly, but worth it! Do you have enough time and money to complete fixed-wing pilot training? Find answers to these questions and many more!

Flight Instructor Jobs

Flight Instructor Jobs

Flight Instructors, find your next job on Aviation Schools Online. Many of the top flight schools use our site to connect with CFIs just like you. Whether you're looking for CFI, MEI, or CFII employment, match yourself with the best flight instructor jobs.

Flight Training

Flight Training

Learning to fly is challenging, but as most pilots will tell you, it's worth it! Do you have the time and money? How do know which flight school is right for you? Find answers to these questions and many more here in our Flight Training resource center.

IFR Training

IFR Training

Research IFR Training near you; Find traditional IFR training, Accelerated Instrument Training, or 10-Day Instrument Rating programs earn your Instrument Rating by contacting an IFR flight training school offering instrument rating courses near you.

Online Aviation Schools

Online Aviation Schools

Online Aviation Programs are dominating in the aviation industry. Online aviation programs typically include at least some on-site training and to complete most aviation degree programs students attend the school in person for some aspects. Learn more!

Tell Us About Yourself!


AeroGuard Flight Training Center

Tell Us About Yourself!

At AeroGuard, our goal is a simple one. We want to create the safest, best-trained pilots in the industry and provide them with a seamless, rapid start to their career by providing them a direct path our partner, SkyWest Airlines.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center

We Set a HIGHER STANDARD! AeroGuard was formed to produce the best and brightest professional pilots in the industry.

The AeroGuard programs leverage over 1 million hours of flight training experience for nearly 5,000 students. AeroGuard has carefully combined expert leadership development with aviation best practices from around the globe. AeroGuard provides the right aircraft and a rigorous curriculum for the ideal learning environment.

Certified under both FAA Part 141 and Part 61, AeroGuard is recognized as one of the premier flight schools across the globe as it offers comprehensive training programs for both national and international airlines. With an established brand and superior training programs, AeroGuard is the flight school of choice for many international airlines and cadets.

Additionally, AeroGuard implements the most established and well-documented operational processes and educational systems in the industry.The next and final step would be to successfully complete your guaranteed interview with SkyWest Airlines, the largest regional airline in the country, and officially start your career as a commercial airline pilot!

Since 1999, AeroGuard has graduated over 5,000 pilots with an average of 400 cadets enrolled in any given year, many of whom are currently employed by the largest airlines in the world.

AeroGuard's high standards, proven success rate, and professional atmosphere make us the premier choice for aviation training. AeroGuard offers a high-quality training environment, individual attention, and a rich, well-rounded student experience.

With AeroGuard, you're on the path to being a professional pilot. A path that doesn't end with achieving ratings, but continues to employment with our exclusive airline partners.

For admissions and enrollment information or any questions about our flight training center-please don't hesitate to contact us.

AeroGuard Flight Training Center Fleet

All 60 aircraft in the AeroGuard Flight Training Center fleet are furnished with air conditioning, standardized cockpits and avionic layouts. It's the standardized configurations across the fleet that greatly enhances safety and simplifies your transition between aircraft models.Unparalleled fixed wing professional pilot training with distinct advantages and opportunities with AeroGuard. Safe, Innovative & Accelerated Curriculum, Advanced aviation training equipment and technology, Custom All-inclusive tuition, Paid Pilot Internship, Guaranteed Interview with SkyWest Airlines.

AeroGuard aircraft are maintained by an on-site Federal Aviation Administration-approved repair station - operated 24 hours a day by world-class, professional maintenance staff.

The result is an extremely safe fleet of aircraft that boasts an exceptionally high availability rate. Simply put, we have the best training fleet to launch your aviation career.

Campus Locations & Facilities

Located under the sunny skies of Phoenix, Arizona, Aeroguard Flight Training Programs are a great opportunity to launch your pilot career while training in an enjoyable resort location. Our superior weather permits us to fly an average of 360 days a year!

Excellent weather and a diverse flying environment make Phoenix, Arizona a great place to learn to fly.

Aeroguard Features

  • State of the art, media equipped classrooms
  • Flight briefing rooms
  • Official testing center for FAA written exams
  • Study center/library with networked PCs equipped with Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Weather briefing and flight planning facilities
  • FAR Part 145 repair station providing around the clock maintenance support
  • The professional airline-style dispatch center
  • Book store for all uniform and flight materials

Aeroguard's Fast Track Training to Your Airline Career

An Investment in YOUR FUTURE

If you need financial aid to cover the cost of your training, AeroGuard is here to help. In fact, keeping costs and repayment manageable is always a major focus for us.

You can apply for a loan to finance nearly 90% of your AeroGuard tuition. As an additional benefit, you can also apply for a loan amount to cover your housing during the training portion (approximately the first 8 months) of the AeroGuard program.

And absolutely no loan repayments are required during the training portion of the program.

AeroGuard Curriculum

AeroGuard offers a world-class curriculum for pilots-in-training that's unmatched by any other flight training organization. It's an integrated approach - designed with safety and efficiency in mind - that will accelerate your dreams into reality.

Upon completion of AeroGuard's integrated, 6-course program, you'll have the skills, experience, knowledge and confidence you need to launch your career as a professional pilot.

As an AeroGuard graduate, you'll walk away with 7 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ratings, 225+ hours of flight experience, and the pilot license that's sure to broaden your horizons as you begin your new career.

Funding & Financing

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FAA Regulations Part 141

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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Total reviews: 3 | Avg rating: 5.00

Tell Us About Yourself!

Jason Trichler
★★★★★Jun 2, 2020

I am so thankful for what AeroGuard offers: a strong commitment to excellence, professionalism from top to bottom, outstanding training aircraft, superb flying weather, and a strong partnership with industry-leading SkyWest airlines. For these reasons, AeroGuard was an easy choice for my RTP needs.

Charles Rodriguez
★★★★★Jun 2, 2020

The aviation industry has changed so much in a short amount of time and AeroGuard has been rolling with the punches. They’ve made tremendous strides to be best in class. If you want to be prepared for what this career will realistically demand of you, then this is the place to do your training!

Zach Grace
★★★★★Jun 2, 2020

The training is very efficient and makes the most of your time. The Pilot Pathway Program has brand new planes that aren’t even a year old, G1000 navigation systems, and a dedicated instructor who has a low student-instructor ratio giving individualized attention. There have been some growing pains, but the management takes feedback seriously and has been adapting to the needs of the students.

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