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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology - Tulsa

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Welcome to Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
Celebrating our 90th anniversary, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has trained more than 100,000 pilots and technicians between our Tulsa, Oklahoma, Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado campuses. Spartan students come from across the United States and more than 40 foreign countries.

Further Your Education and Discover Your Passion

Spartan College has the expertise to guide you along the way. Our Tulsa campus offers Diploma, Associate's, and Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the following areas of study:

  • Aviation Flight (Located at Richard L. Jones Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma)

  • Aviation Flight: SkyWest Pilot Career Pathway (Richard L. Jones Airport)

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology

  • Aviation Electronics Technology (Avionics)

  • Nondestructive Testing Technology

  • Quality Control Management

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

Location Specialties/Categories

A&P Aircraft Mechanic Schools

A&P Aircraft Mechanic Schools

With less than 180 A&P Aircraft Mechanic Schools operating in the U.S. today, you'll need professional assistance to find the perfect Aircraft Mechanic School teaching the skills needed to be successful in the workforce. Find your A&P Mechanic School here.

Aviation & Airport Management Degrees

Aviation & Airport Management Degrees

Launch a career in Aviation Management or Airport Management! Find your Aviation and Airport Management Degree program here. Aviation Management is an expanding field and many schools offer either an online program or a traditional classroom program.

Avionics Technician Schools

Avionics Technician Schools

Learn more about Avionics Technician Training programs. Why? Global demand for air travel is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade, and the greatest advances in aircraft can be found in the avionics installed in both airplanes and helicopters.

Certified Flight Instructor Training

Certified Flight Instructor Training

Find Certified Flight Instructor Training near you. Take your helicopter or fixed-wing commercial pilot career to the next level by becoming a certified flight instructor. Let us help you find accelerated and/or affordable CFI training near you.

Fixed Wing Flight Schools

Fixed Wing Flight Schools

You've made the decision to attend a Fixed Wing Flight School because you want to become a private or commercial pilot. You know flying is in your future, but now what? How do you get started? What's the next step? Call us and become a commercial pilot!

Fixed Wing Pilot License

Fixed Wing Pilot License

Want to learn to fly or launching a pilot career? Learning to fly fixed-wing aircraft is challenging and costly, but worth it! Do you have enough time and money to complete fixed-wing pilot training? Find answers to these questions and many more!

Flight Training

Flight Training

Learning to fly is challenging, but as most pilots will tell you, it's worth it! Do you have the time and money? How do know which flight school is right for you? Find answers to these questions and many more here in our Flight Training resource center.

IFR Training

IFR Training

Research IFR Training near you; Find traditional IFR training, Accelerated Instrument Training, or 10-Day Instrument Rating programs earn your Instrument Rating by contacting an IFR flight training school offering instrument rating courses near you.

Online Aviation Schools

Online Aviation Schools

Online Aviation Programs are dominating in the aviation industry. Online aviation programs typically include at least some on-site training and to complete most aviation degree programs students attend the school in person for some aspects. Learn more!

VA Approved GI Bill Flight Schools

VA Approved GI Bill Flight Schools

Find VA Approved GI Bill schools and programs. VA Educational Benefits have never been better! Whether you qualify for the Post-9/11 GI-Bill� or any other program, chances are, you can use your benefits to make your aviation career goals a reality!

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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology - Tulsa

Tell Us About Yourself!

Who is Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology?

Established in 1928, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has trained over 100,000 pilots and technicians. We have campuses located in the following areas: Tulsa, OK; Los Angeles, CA; Inland Empire, CA; and Denver, CO. Spartan students have come from across the United States and over 62 countries.

From the beginning, Spartan College has worked to provide current and innovative training programs to prepare our graduates for the aviation industry. Besides the Tulsa Oklahoma Campus, Spartan College operates three additional locations with more than 247,000 square feet of training facilities, classrooms, and administrative space.

Why Choose Spartan College?

Spartan College has been training professionals for aviation and related industries. We provide a supportive educational environment that encourages active participation in learning while providing quality career-oriented education programs.

Mission, Purpose, and Values

The mission of Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is to provide career-oriented diploma and degree programs in aviation and technology. We impact generations by providing knowledge and skill to students from across the street and around the world. We value innovation, respect, integrity, safety, and excellence.

Spartan College Program Overview

Aviation Flight - Training the Next Generation of Pilots

Our 17 month Aviation Flight program is designed to provide the necessary education and entry-level skills that will prepare students for 6 FAA certifications and ratings. The ground school courses equip students with the academic knowledge to safely and efficiently perform flight duties and also prepare them for their required FAA written examinations. Flight training prepares students for their respective FAA flight tests in accordance with the FAA Airmen Certification Standards.

Benefits of our program include: FAA part 141 program, Associate Degree program, 30+ new Piper Archers with G1000 Avionics systems added to our training fleet since 2020, in-flight training starts in your first few weeks, onsite examining authority.

SkyWest Pilot Career Pathway

Become a SkyWest airlines cadet at Spartan College. SkyWest engages you from day one. Complete your associate’s degree in Aviation Flight at Spartan College while earning 6 FAA certifications and ratings. In addition to a customized SkyWest experience, you may qualify for several exclusive benefits as you complete specific milestones toward graduation – and Spartan scholarships, if you qualify. The SkyWest Pilot Career Pathway at Spartan College is your opportunity to train for the professional pilot team at the largest U.S. regional airline. 

The SkyWest Pilot Career Pathway Benefits*:

- Up to $15,000 in Education Assistance paid by SkyWest at specific milestones

- Early engagement, access to mentors and networking, a tour of SkyWest facilities**, and top seniority at SkyWest ground school

- CFI interview with Spartan College and final first officer interview with SkyWest Airlines, conditional on satisfactory program completion

- Two-year commitment to SkyWest starting at your Initial Operating Experience (IOE) date

*Must meet SkyWest Airlines terms and conditions
**COVID-19 restrictions may apply

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Aviation maintenance technicians keep aircrafts in safe flying condition by servicing, repairing, and overhauling aircraft and components following stringent regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the aircraft manufacturer. All aircrafts are required to undergo thorough inspections and repairs on a regular basis. These services are provided by technicians certified by the FAA. Technicians in this field work on aircraft components and systems including airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, propellers, rigging, warning systems, warning systems, environmental systems, and more.

We also offer a partially online aviation maintenance training option that is meant to be manageable even if you are working full-time or you are finishing up active duty in the military. The Aviation Maintenance hybrid option allows you to live at home (or home country) for the first part of the program while taking courses online (providing you with a flexible schedule), then relocating to Tulsa for the second portion which is hands-on. Check our authorization list to ensure you live in a state that has approved our online option.

Those who graduate from the AMT program at Spartan College are trained to work on aircraft components and systems including airframes, piston engines, turbine engines, hydraulic systems, propellers, rigging, warning systems, and environmental systems.

Aviation Electronics Technology

As global airways grow more congested, pilots must now rely more than ever on the integrity of aircraft navigation and communication systems to keep air travel safe. Advances in the electronics of traditional aircraft, expansion of airline fleets, and the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), has resulted in an increased demand for well-trained technicians with expertise in manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and installation of new and existing systems. Aviation electronics technicians play a key role in the development and deployment of satellites, helicopters, and aircraft of all types and sizes.  

Nondestructive Testing Technology (Diploma)

What is NDT? Nondestructive testing is the examination of an object or material without affecting its future usefulness. Nondestructive tests are performed to identify internal or external imperfections; to determine structure, composition, or properties; or to measure geometric characteristics – without affecting the form, fit, or function of the test object. In a world where public safety and quality products are essential, demand is growing for trained Nondestructive Testing Technicians. Spartan’s program prepares graduates to analyze, research, and investigate quality control metrics within many organizations ensuring the quality of a product or work being performed.

Quality Control Management (Associate of Applied Science Degree)

The associate courses in quality control management provide additional technical training in the specialty with topics such as ISO 9000 and Total Quality Tools and Techniques. The general education courses focus on interpersonal skills such as oral and written communication, customer service and diversity in the workplace.

Technology Management (Bachelor of Science Degree)

The Technology Management program is offered either through hybrid delivery (online/on-ground courses) or Technology Management Distance Education (100% online). The two bachelor programs are separately approved; however, the courses and format are identical. The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management (Hybrid or Distance Education Version) is to build and strengthen business and management acumen within technological industries. Students combine their prior technical training with education in communication, quantitative reasoning and critical thinking, as well as business management to help prepare them for challenges in the field. Check our authorization list to ensure you live in a state that has approved our online option.

Spartan College Reviews of the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program


Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology Tulsa, OK is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), and is authorized to offer degrees with programs in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aviation Flight, Aviation Electronics Technology, Quality Control Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology Management.

Our History

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma as Spartan School of Aeronautics by W.G. Skelly, President of Skelly Oil Company, on September 27, 1928. He established Spartan Aircraft Company and formed the corporation which built Tulsa Municipal Airport (now called Tulsa International Airport).

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ACCSC Accredited

Accrediting Commission for Career Schools/Colleges


Licensed to operate by OBPVS

Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools-OBPVS


Air Agency Certificates - Part 141 & 147

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology - Tulsa

Tell Us About Yourself!

Beau Schrader

Vice President of Spartan Flight Ops

Beau’s favorite part about working for Spartan is working directly with the students and helping them achieve their goals. Just don’t be late for class, as that is one of his
pet peeves. Beau actually grew up in the Spartan community – he got his training at Spartan and started as a Certified Flight Instructor. Beau is now the Vice President of Flight Ops and provides both strategic and tactical direction for the flight operational leadership team providing safe and efficient operations.

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Nathan Schaffer
★★★★★Mar 24, 2021

I have had many highlights since graduating from Spartan College. I have been an instructor, cargo pilot, airline pilot, and for the last 13 years I have been flying a private Global Express. A major highlight in my career was when I flew completely around the world. I departed Chicago heading East and continued in that direction until we arrived back in Chicago

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