How To Choose Your Flight School – Five Tips

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Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re in the process of learning to fly or you’re already enrolled at a flight or aviation school of some kind. If you want to get your pilot’s license, part of the process is deciding on a flight school. Our latest article, How To Pick A Flight School – Five Things You Need To Know, dives into the process of choosing the right school for you and covers everything you need to know from goals to costs. Here’s a quick look:

On the surface, choosing a flight school can seem difficult, but with a little consideration of your goals, you can really start to narrow down the field. Still, even though choosing the right flight school is important, don’t be so afraid to make a mistake you can’t choose; you don’t have to finish at the same school you start.

One of the first things you do to learn to fly can also be one of the most difficult–pick a flight school. In some areas you may have to drive an hour to find an airport and in others, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a flight school. In either case, you’re asking yourself which school to attend. Maybe you don’t even know where the nearest schools are. Whatever your position, here are five things to know when choosing a flight school… read more>>

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