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Fixed Wing Pilot Jobs

What is a Fixed-wing Pilot?

So, are you seeking a job as a fixed-wing pilot? What is a fixed-wing? A fixed-wing aircraft is a type of aircraft, typically referred to as an airplane. But to be safe and accurate, a fixed-wing airplane has "fixed" wings that happen to use forward airspeed to generate lift. Fixed-wing aircraft can be any "fixed" winged airplane from a glider to a B-52 Bomber.

Fixed Wing pilots are professional paid pilots who transport people and cargo via "fixed" wing aircraft. Generally, fixed wing pilots are commonly referred to as "commercial" or "professional" pilots.

Fixed Wing pilots can also fly any flight for "profit." For example, a "for-profit" flight can be a private contracted charter flight, rescue mission flights for local law enforcement, aerial firefighting for state and local fire departments, aerial photography for a contract, and trips for agricultural purposes.

Pilots have dozens and dozens, if not hundreds and hundreds, of different flight applications for people who "fly for a living."

Professional pilots operate all kinds of different airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft (i.e., Hot Air Balloons). However, Professional Fixed Wing Pilots fly Fixed Wings aircraft only, and basically, their job is to transport folks or cargo, and they fly on a fixed or "chartered" schedule (no pun intended).

Professional fixed wing pilots fly aircraft for other purposes too, such as charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography, and aerial application of agricultural materials.

Land Your First Fixed Wing Job - Low Flight Time Fixed Wing Jobs

It will be hard for any new commercial pilot to secure their first fixed wing pilot job. However, the reason Aviation Schools Online exists is so that we can make landing the first fixed wing pilot job a lot easier.Let's be honest, it will be hard for any new commercial pilot to secure their first fixed wing pilot job. However, the reason Aviation Schools Online exists is so that we can make landing the first fixed wing pilot job a lot easier.

Entry-level pilot jobs require "flight time" or "flight experience," and lots of it. Most aviation employers will require 1,000 plus flight hours from any pilot candidate they consider for hire.

Unfortunately, brand new fixed-wing pilots who have just graduated from flight school don't have enough "flight hours" to land their first entry-level fixed-wing pilot job. What the heck? Relax, we have some solutions to share.

Brand new commercial fixed wing pilots looking for their first paid flying gig don't have enough experience to land their first job (Catch 22). So, how can they build hours, rent a plane? The right question is, "How can a newly certified commercial pilot who just finished flight training acquire enough flight hours to land their first fixed wing piloting job?

Understand this reality, "Even when fixed wing pilots are in high demand worldwide, it does not matter. New commercial pilots, we'll call them "low hour pilots," must have the required flight hours to land entry-level jobs. So, new graduates who are also "low hour fixed-wing pilots" are between a rock and a hard place. How do they stick their foot in the door and gain the flight hours the job requires?

The good news is that throughout the last few decades, there are plenty of aviation employers seeking "low Hour Fixed Wing Pilots" to fill "flight instructor" pilot jobs. Listed below are types of aviation companies seeking "Low Hour" fixed wing pilots:

  • Flight Instructor
  • Glider Tow Pilot
  • Banner Tow Pilot
  • Skydive Pilot
  • Aerial Mapping Pilot
  • Ferry PilotPipeline Pilot

Fixed Wing Pilots Typically Must Be Able to Do the Following:

Fixed Wing Pilots must have mastery over "teamwork skills." Being a successful fixed wing pilot means you are an excellent communicator. Pilots must work closely with other pilots and many different airport professionals.

Communication is everything. If you plan to land the best paying fixed wing pilot jobs, count on "mastering the art of communication!" For example, fixed-wing pilots work intimately with flight dispatchers and air traffic controllers. Fixed-wing pilots need to be able to coordinate actions and provide transparent and honest feedback.

Do you have what it takes to become a professional paid fixed wing pilot?

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