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Helicopter Pilot's License for Bradenton, FL

The length of the written exams are up to the examiner. Supposedly the questions will only pertain to the subjects called out in the \Practical Test Standards (which all students should get a copy of) but in reality most examiners use that as a bare minimum and will ask plenty of questions that are not in the PTS. One to two hours of an oral exam and an hour of flying is thought to be typical for the designated examiner.

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Helicopter Ground School: As with airplanes, much of the key to safety in a helicopter is energy management. In an airplane you have potential energy (altitude) and kinetic energy (forward speed) that can be traded off against each other to bring the airplane down gently in the event of an engine failure or ordinary landing. The helicopter has three kinds of energy: potential (altitude), kinetic (forward speed), and angular momentum (blade speed).