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Airports Near San Bernardino, CA

The nearest Airports to Fremont are San Jose International Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from San Jose, California and is 16 miles from the center of Fremont, CA. Oakland International Airport is the next closest airport, 22 miles from Fremont, CA. San Jose International has international and domestic flights. San Francisco International Airportis 32 miles from Fremont, CA. Stockton Metropolitan Airport is 62 miles from Fremont, CA. There are two heliports in Fremont, Washington Hospital Heliport and First Interstate Bank Operations Center Heliport.

The first helicopter to achieve completely untethered flight was the Cornu in 1907, which managed to hover one foot above the ground for 20 seconds.

The record for the fastest helicopter in the world is held by the Sikorsky X2 which, during a flyby over Florida, United States, clocked 258mph (416kph). But this was beaten recently. On June 7th 2013, the X3 blew through the previous air speed record for helicopters by cruising at 255 knots (293 MPH) during a 40-minute flight over Southern France near Istres.

TheRobinson R44is a four-seat lighthelicopterproduced by theRobinson Helicopter Companysince 1992. Based on the companys two-placeRobinson R22, the R44 features hydraulically-assisted flight controls.