Industry Forecast for Professional Pilots of Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Prospects for Professional Pilots of Fixed-Wing Aircraft...

The current prospects for professional pilots of fixed-wing aircraft have been on an upswing since the economic downturn ended. That trend has gradually created a set of conditions that looks ideal for continuing and sustained growth within the industry.

Industry analysts indicate that the number of jobs available to professional pilots in the fixed-wing sector of the aviation industry will continue to grow over at least the next five years.

Find a flight training program with a reputation for excellence that has lived up to its mission to train and prepare young men and women for exciting careers within the aviation industry.

Professional pilots of fixed-wing aircraft who complete their training can expect to reap the benefits of our reputation, in addition to the obvious advantages embodied by receiving a top-notch flight training education.

Professional flight training programs are structured around the basic idea that pilots ought to be prepared for any flight scenario, regardless of differences in industry or job description. The best aviation schools offer professional pilot training in the fixed-wing setting that covers a wide base of practical flight knowledge, real-world flight experience and a thorough understanding of flight mechanics and theory.

The Steps to Become a Successful Professional Pilot

We believe that education should be comprehensive because knowledgeable pilots with a varied mastery of flight techniques make for safer pilots who are better able to meet the demands of their job. This policy has led us to form partnerships with colleges. Students have the option of obtaining a degree while pursuing their professional pilot credentials.

Applicants to fixed-wing aircraft jobs who have both a college degree, as well as the necessary professional pilot credentials, will possess a clear professional advantage over many of their colleagues.

To learn more about how professional flight schools can make it easy for you to begin your professional pilot training, whether you’re a military veteran using your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, or a private pay student utilizing a readily available combination of funding options

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