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Aviation Art In Lakewood Colorado

Never before has one artist assembled such an immeasurable collection of unfailing and inclusive illustrations as aviation artist Joe Milich. 35 years in the making, over 1300 different prints are shown and available on-line. Do you or your favorite pilot have a favorite aircraft? A print will make an excellent gift for pilots, gift for wingings, for retirements or for the Aviation History for Westminster, CO buff. Prints can be purchased with matting, with matted and framed, with print only, or with customized or multiple prints in one unit, personalized with accessories you provide, such as patches, wings, etc.

Joe Milich has been drawing and painting his entire life. With a natural artistic ability and a passion for airplanes that began as a child, it is only expected that he's combined these two great loves into a lifelong career. With 35 years in the making, the creation of this vast Aviation Art collection of pen and ink originals, limited edition prints, and paintings is a phenomenal sight to see. Located in Lakewood Colorado, Aviation Art is able to ship quickly and promptly.

Helicopter Spotlight for Westminster, CO

The Bell Model 309 KingCobra was an experimental attack helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter based on the Bell AH-1 Cobra. Bell announced the KingCobra program in January 1971. Two prototypes were built one with a P&WC T400-CP-400 Twin Pac dual turboshaft engine system much like that used on the AH-1J but with a stronger drive train allowing full 1800 shp (1340 kW) operation and the other with a single Lycoming T55-L-7C turboshaft engine with 2000 shp (1490 kW). The twin engine KingCobra first flew on 10 September 1971. It looked much like an AH-1J except for a longer and distinctive buzzard beak nose and a ventral fin like that on the original Model 209 demonstrator. However there were significant changes that were less noticeable: